messed up.

Patrick Newberry PNewberry at
Wed Jun 9 16:52:29 UTC 2010

Well I have a HP n5445 laptop and put in a alternate xumbtu install disk.

It was running fine until it got to the xfe4 set up  (it showed 60% complete)

It just hung and I waited a couple of hours but finally shut it down and when I attempt to reinstall, I get the install screen (text because this is the alternate disk) and when I press install I get a bunch of things like

[  2.602321]  [,c07a30aa>] ? unknown_bootoption+0x0/0x19e

And the last line

Is i386_start_kernel+0xaa/0xb1

And it freezes.

I'm guessing because I killed the puppy when it hung that it's have an issue with the hard drive?

What is the next step?

Need some sort of dos like boot disk and reformat the hard drive?


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