10.04 switch off trouble

Karl Larsen klarsen1 at gmail.com
Wed Jun 9 12:22:45 UTC 2010

On 06/09/2010 02:03 AM, camuzat.sebastien at free.fr wrote:
> Hi all !
> I hope I won't post a question that has already been answered...
> On my Dell D600 laptop I installed Ubuntu 9.10 and it works very fine (except mouse freezes in some cases but that's not the topic of my post).
> For a try, I also installed the 10.04 version.
> It also works, except that I cannot switch the computer off, in that version. Mouse over 'switch off' does not do anything. Terminal command is the only way out.
     Right click your upper margin and click on "add to panel" and a 
large panel will open. Go way down to the Shut Down which looks like a 
round key hole. Install this and you can now quit.

> Id like to upgrade another laptop (nx6110 under the brave old gutsy) but i do hesitate now.
> Any advice ?
> Sébastien.


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