Unable to browse Amazon.com with Firefox 3.0.19

Alex Cockell alex at acockell.eclipse.co.uk
Wed Jun 9 06:47:23 UTC 2010

Hi folks, 

"Quoting "Albert Wagner" <albertwagner at cox.net>:

> I am on Ubuntu 8.0.4/Firefox 3.0.19.

Do you realize Firefox 3.0 is no longer supported? E.g., no security  
updates. Is there any reason you haven't upgraded to 3.6?

Maybe, like me, he's a standard user, and therefore completely reliant
on the official repositories?  Maybe he, like me, is waiting until
10.04.1 (the eponymous Service Pack 1 stage) before accepting Lucid onto
his machine?

I don't count myself as a tinkerer at all really... if I need a new app
not already in the repos, I'm liable to raise enhancement requests...

There appears to be a bug affecting all current versions...
The poster of that thread filed the Mozilla bug at the end.


Alex Cockell
Reading, Berks, UK
alex at acockell.eclipse.co.uk

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