Has Ubuntu 10.2 fixed Intel sound problem

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On Mon, Jun 7, 2010 at 1:08 PM, Pastor JW <pastor_jw at the-inner-circle.org>wrote:

> On Monday, June 07, 2010 5:02:22 am Ben Edwards wrote:
> > Has Ubuntu 10,.2 fixed the Intel chipset problem that was introduced
> > in 9.10.  I am fairly shocked that this was not fixed in 9.10 as it
> > meant that computers using Intel chipset for audio has no audio!.
> > This meant that if you had a Dell laptop Ubuntu effectively no longer
> > supported on board audio.
> Well first off, what is 10.2 Ubuntu?  As far as I know Ubuntu made no
> releases
> in February this year unless it was a beta test release for 10.04 which is
> a
> LTS release.  Second I use a Dell with an Intel chipset and it has work
> fine
> since 7.10 which was the Ubuntu version Dell had on this machine when they
> sold it to me.  My laptop has never had any OS but Ubuntu ever on it.  It
> even
> came from Dell with LinDVD installed which plays DVDs perfectly with no
> errors
> in either video or sound.  I also use it every day for Skype and again both
> video and sound work perfectly even for overseas calls!
> > Anyway rant aside has it been fixed.  This problem is giving people I
> > know who are pro windows massive and partly legitimate ammunition
> > against Ubuntu which really saddens me.
> OTOH, the fact Ubuntu just works has been the largest factor in my town for
> several businesses to switch from windoze to Ubuntu!  The Lawyers
> especially
> were impressed with the fact Ubuntu with Open Office was able to read their
> older legal files done in Word and Vista's Office couldn't!!  Granted, most
> businesses do not use much for sound but it too was there in all the
> different
> machines I installed since last year.  Are you sure you don't just have a
> channel muted?
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Attention all--

I'm tempted to say that this is just my 2 cent$ (damned character map is *
useless* for ASCII characters!) but what I'm about to express is not an *
opinion* of mine, but -- rather -- a *problem* of mine.

So my primary/master hard drive craps out on me (BUT, *GET THIS*:  It works
OK as a *secondary/slave*.  Go figure!  I certainly can't!); I manage to
acquire another hard drive (SATA, I believe -- the data cable is much more
narrow), and apparently install it correctly because I'm able to do a clean
install of Jaunty Jackalope before upgrading to Karmic Koala.  Anyway, one
nagging issue that I haven't been able to resolve is sound; and  I'm Pretty
Damned Certain that I don't have anything muted.  I know that I've seen some
threads where people have mentioned sound issues (don't remember, though, if
it was for 09.10 or 10.04), but for the life of me, I *cannot* locate them!
If someone would be kind enough point me to the correct web page and tell me
exactly what search terms will bring up sound issues for 09.10, then I'll be
mightily obliged.

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