How to "disable zero CD" in order to get my USB mobile internet dongle working? <SOLVED?>

Bas Roufs basroufs at
Mon Jun 7 10:47:41 UTC 2010

Hello Tony, Nils, Sinclair and Everybody Else

While I started writing this message, I "suddenly" managed to
establish the mobile internet connection. Correcting one of the
provider specific codes in Network Manager was enough to get the
connection via the dongle running. However, I would like to evaluate
now what I need to do or not to do in order to keep this connection
properly running. Below, I work out this question in more detail.

>> Wether I try KPPP, WVDIAL or KNetworkmanager: still the dongle is
>> being mounted as a CD Rom each time I insert him in it. Also each
>> restart together with the dongle ends up in this "zero CD"result. Does
>> anybody have a clue how to permanently reset the laptop in such a way
>> that the dongle will be automatically correctly recognised and dealt
>> with?

Apparently you are right Tony:although the dongle is being mounted as
a "zero CD", the internet connection is working now. However, I am
wondering whether is better or not to:
each time "unmount", "eject" or "release" it, or....
to change the settings in such a way that the dongle will not be
mounted any more as "zero CD"
Or is this simply not relevant?

>> OS: dual boot Kubuntu Lucid and Win7.
>> Dongle: HUAEI E1820.
>> Netbook/ laptop: Eee PC 1001HA, 250GB HD, 1GB RAM.
>> Test result: at the Windows partition, the dongle works
>> automatigically, at the Linux partition still not.

Provider: T-Mobile NL, . Other
provider-specific specifics:
Number (for accessing the dongle): *99#
APN: internet
Account Name: tmobile
Password: tmobile
Additionally, I also have given in the PIN and PUK codes.

In the mean time, I one time restarted the netbook in order to test
the connection. And yes: also after this restart, the mobile internet
connection seems to work properly.

> I have used my wife's USB mobile internet dongle (its a Huawei
> K3565) with no trouble at all. Yes, it does show up as a storage
> device, because it has a micro SD storage card in it, mounted at
> /media/VMC LITE  But that has nothing to do with its
> internet function in Ubuntu.  I think it has Windows software on it.

My dongle is being mounted as follows: /media/T-Mobile/
It also has Windows software.

> The internet function is enabled through the Network applet.  Under
> Lucid (Ubuntu, not Kubuntu) it just tells me in the list of possible
> connections that there is a 'New Mobile Broadband (GSM)
> connection...'  I click on that and it takes me to a dialog where I select
> Country (Britain(UK) in this list - why they cannot standardise on
> United Kingdom, I will never know), then my Provider (Vodaphone)
> then my (wife's) Billing Plan (TopUp and Go).  Once I confirm all that
> - it works!
> So, what doesn't work for you?

As I said: the connection started working after giving in the correct
phone number meant to access the dongle: *99#
After a first restart, the connection continues properly working.
However, I have adapted some settings the past few days - but I am not
sure which of those adaptations were relevant. I would like to
evaluate which settings are essential to ensure a properly working
mobile internet connection.

> ....(snip) BASIC INFO ... details of your mobile provider.
See above.

> Did you check that the USB ID of your device is included in the hso.udev
> file? If it isn't, it can't work. You can see your USB ID with the command lsusb
The lsusb test delivers the following outcome with respect to the dongle:
Bus 001 Device 003: ID 12d1:14ac Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

> in a terminal. If the identification string isn't obvious, check the
> difference between the output when the dongle is connected and not
> connected to the USB port.
"Connected and not connected": do you mean in this context: mounted or
not mounted?

> And did you try to mount the zero cd and then eject it? If it works
> similar to a WLAN dongle I have, it would switch to the modem mode after
> the zero cd is ejected.

The weird thing is now, that my dongle seems to work even while it is
mounted as zero cd.
Respectfully yours,


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