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> >     > There must be some user-friendly magic word like "open sesame"
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> I just tried to run PCLinuxOS as a liveCD on the machine I have Ubuntu
> 10.04 installed on.
> There too is this network applet (however it is called).
> I plug in the network adapter.
> Click (or right-click, don't remember) on the icon.
> It gives me the name of the router and asks for an encryption password
> (which is found on the bottom of the router).
> I enter that password and click "connect".
> And the connection is established. No further questions asked.
> If it is that easy, what (if you permit me to say so: "the hell") is
> making this setup soooo difficult in Ubuntu??
> With Ubuntu I am trying already a week; have been asked VERY, VERY
> technical questions, run many commands
> (none of which I understand) etc., etc., but so far all efforts have
> been in vain.
> Is there any such easy trick in Ubuntu??
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Regrettably, I am unable to assist you as I do not know 10.04 (I still
haven't the courage to try it out as the beta version was so f---ed up that
it wasn't *even released UNTIL MAY*.  I just don't trust it yet; and
experiences such as yours convince me that it isn't quite yet ready for *"prime
time"**,* as it were.).

I *will* say that it *sounds* to me as though WEP -- and *not* *"WPA2"* --
is enabled; if this -- in fact -- is the case, then you effectively have no
wireless security worth speaking of.

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