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    After your bios info leaves try hitting "Esc" (escape key) and will
hopefully drop you to an "earlier" install menu that we know has some
options you can try.  Laptops, in my experience, tend to hang because
of apci settings.  Let us know if you get this listed menu options that
looks like this:

If so, we can try some things.

On 05/31/2010 07:57 PM, Marvin Escobar wrote:

Hello im new to ubuntu and i tried to install ubuntu to my laptop but
it would not let me. Once it reads the disc it says loading and then a
bunch of lines come down and it stops there and does not do anything. I
tried also installing mandriva but on the loading screen when i select
boot the screen stays loading and never stops, the only option it has
is pres esc for verbose mode. So its like none of the linux
distrubutions are working. Is there anyway you can please help me. Im
new and i am using windows 7 right now, so please try to be as detailed
as possible thanks


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