How to disable the internal speaker in Lucid

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I recently installed Ubuntu Lucid after using Kubuntu Hardy LTS for a long
while (KDE 3.5.10).

I am trying to disable sound output to my internal speaker.

I have an HP DX2300 Mini Tower machine which has a full speaker on board.
There isn't a way to disable it in the BIOS without disabling the entire
on-board audio device, which I use.

In Hardy I found a way to tick all output devices in Kmix and then dable the
internal speaker.

I can't find the same in the Gnome Sound Preferences. When I turn off the
external speakers connected to the line out (green) plug of the on-board
card, the internal speaker continues to output sound, actually it does all
the time, but the external speakers mask it while on....

This is really annoying. I am no stranger to the CLI, but I am not sure
which .conf to change and where to look - I don't know PulseAudio that well.
I tried to use alsamixer under CLI, but when I turned off all volume to PCM,
the master volume was also affected....




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