how to quickly list package dependencies based on needed perl modules?

Robert P. J. Day rpjday at
Tue Jun 1 06:54:39 UTC 2010

  (i just asked this on my local perl list but i'm betting more people
here are currently awake. :-)

  i've downloaded and am building a package whose Build.PL script
clearly spells out its build and run requirements:

my $builder = $class->new(
    module_name       => 'Publican',
    dist_name         => 'Publican',
    license           => 'perl',
    dist_version_from => 'bin/publican',
    build_requires    => {
        'Devel::Cover'                    => 0,
        'Module::Build'                   => 0,
        'Test::Exception'                 => 0,
        'Test::More'                      => 0,
        ... snip ...
    requires => {
        'Archive::Tar'                    => 0,
        'Archive::Zip'                    => 0,
        'Carp'                            => 0,
        ... snip ...

  as it stands, when i first went to build this on my ubuntu 10.04
system, i tediously went through the cycle of trying to build, being
told what module was missing, identifying the corresponding package,
installing, rinse and repeat.

  is there an automated way to mapping perl modules to their
debian/ubuntu packages so that one could just, on the very first
build, have the build script say, "hey, you're missing all of these
modules, i know what packages they come from, would you like me to
install them?"



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