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On Jun 17, 2010, at 8:57 AM, Colin Law <clanlaw at googlemail.com> wrote:

> On 17 June 2010 13:49, Calcpage <calcpage at aol.com> wrote:
>> On Jun 5, 2010, at 5:00 AM, Maurice McCarthy <manselton at gmail.com>
>> ...
>> My tech guy finally got back to me regarding the blocked *.bz2 files
>> messing up my sudo aptitude update.  Now he says he set up a proxy  
>> for
>> me.   I think I know how to enable that in Firefox, but how do I make
>> use of a proxy using aptitude?
> If you go to Synaptic package manager (System, Administration,
> Synaptic Package Manager and then select Settings, Preferences and
> look on the Network tab there is a setting for proxy which should also
> cover apt-get and aptitude I believe.
> Colin
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I went to system/admin/synaptic and clicked settings/pref/network and  
added the manual proxy config but still no joy.

Then I simply tried system/pref/networkproxy applied the manual proxy  
system wide and then system/admin/softwaresources to add the canonical  
partner repos.  I got the update to run finally without any of the  
*.bz2 errors I had been getting!  Alleluia!

Then I tried sudo aptitude install sun-java6-bin and got the jre stuff  
installed, then I did sudo aptitude install sun-java6-plugin.  I  
checked about:plugins in firefox and all is well finally!

A few weird notes: installing sun-java6-bin does not get sun-java6- 
installing sun-java6-plugin does not get sun-java6-bin and running  
sudo aptitude safe-upgrade before installing jre fubars the  
installation:  I get an error about file size mismatch on sun-java6- 

A. Jorge Garcia
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