Optiplex 380, Ubuntu 9.04

A. Jorge Garcia calcpage at aol.com
Fri Jul 30 21:25:30 UTC 2010

> I hope the driver is present in Ubuntu 9.10 and 10.04, because In 
fact I want 10.4, but the Grub2 default
> used in 10.4 (or would thre be a way to force 10.4 to use the lehacy 
grub ?) gives problems:
> The PC i'm dealing with is to be a model PC for dual boot 
WinXP/Ubuntu for a classroom
> and although I can make an image and clone the image on another 
identical PC, I get no grub menu when booting ! It just boots directly 
in Windows.
> ( I can recreate the MBR using Ubuntu Live CD and some instructions I 
found on Ubuntu webpages, but this is not a suitable solution of 
course, since
> refresh of the PC's is to be done every night).
Yeah, I install and maintain the Linux partitions in my classroom, the 
school's tech guy is responsible for the Windows partition.  He found 
that when he tried to image my PCs, he could only image the Windows 

A. Jorge Garcia

Teacher & Professor
Applied Mathematics, Physics & Computer Science
Baldwin Senior High School & Nassau Community College

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