Where is menu.lst for 10.04?

Albert Wagner albertwagner at cox.net
Thu Jul 29 17:58:32 UTC 2010

I want to add an item to the kernel line in menu.lst.  However, I don't 
seem to have a menu.lst file in the 10.04 installation.  10.04 was a 
clean install into an empty partition.  I have 8.04 still installed on 
another partition and it contains /boot/grub/menu.lst.  A search for 
menu.lst in 10.04 returns only 
/usr/share/doc/memtest86+/examples/grub-menu.lst.  Apparently things are 
done differently in 10.04 than I remember from earlier installations.  I 
would appreciate any advice or links to advice.
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