Find Big Files or Big Directories

Maxime Alarie malarie at
Wed Jul 28 19:28:15 UTC 2010

>> I have 2 disks that syncs every night. The problem occurs with /dev/sdb1.
>> *Output of df -h*
>> /dev/sdb1 224G 197G *17G 93%* /
>> [SNIP]
>> Output of the command  du -m  /var/www/Nuxeo | sort -n | tail -15
>> [SNIP]
>> 15559   . ß I don't know why only 15GB is reported..

the `du` command does not account for hidden files or directories unless 
then are within a nested dir.

Try `du -shc /var/www` for the actual usage by the 'www' dir.  Also look 
for hidden files in the 'Nuxeo' dir, this may account for the "missing" 

Tim H.


Just did.  /var reports 17GB.

I launched the command in / just to see.

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