any tool which monitor my cpu temperature and shutdown my machine automatically

loody miloody at
Wed Jul 28 16:31:34 UTC 2010


2010/7/26 Jordon Bedwell <jordon at>:
> On 7/25/10 12:12 PM, loody wrote:
>> hi:
>> Can this tool also automatically shutdown my machine if the
>> temperature over the limit?
>> appreciate your help,
>> miloody
> You don't need to worry about that loody, all machines within the last
> (almost decade now) will automatically shut down if their thermal
> sensors detect the processor go above the manufacture set maximum temp
> which would cause damage to the CPU.
in my case, my cpu reach 100 Celsius but the machine is still running.
I just found it suddenly, so I immediately turn off my machine.
So I want to know whether is a software which can turn off my computer
when temperature reach the limit I set.

>They also won't turn on if they
> detect that no fan is running (this has been the last couple years in
> all mother boards,) if the fan shut down (within the last couple years,)
> and some boards will even detect if the temperature of the entire board
> + CPU is rising at a steady rate above normal (as sort of a secondary
> diagnostic to double check the first two ~ this is very rare and mostly
> only workstations and motherboards do this as they are critical).
> --
appreciate your all kind help,

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