gconfd-2 in lucid

Stephen Michael Kuhn yank.down.under at gmx.com
Wed Jul 28 01:14:08 UTC 2010

On Wed, 28 Jul 2010 10:44:22 am Art Edwards wrote:
> This is the second message on the same topic. I have not seen the first
> posted, yet I
> have subscribed to the list.
> I repost here. Could the moderator explain why my posts do not appear in
> the list.
> This problem. excessive CPU usage by gconfd-2, has appeared in several
> forums posts. The fix was to remove metacity from the startup menu. I
> append below a post to the ubuntu forums, with the hope that a developer
> can answer the  questions at the bottom. Any assistance would be
> appreciated.
> I'm running lucid on an amd x86-64 box.
> I had fixed this issue by removing metacity from my startups. It's still
>   not there, but now, after a couple of updates, metacity is constantly
> restarted, as evidenced by repeated commands
> ps -ax | grep meta
> and by the constant updating of the file %gconf.xml in the directory
> /home/user/.gconf/applications/window_manager
> Also I had removed the directory
> /home/user/.gconf/applications/metacity
> but it has been regenerated.
> Before I start mindlessly to remove directories, I'd like to ask a couple
> of questions:
> 1. What, besides the autostart menu, starts metacity?

Gnome, by default, starts (or attempts to) Metacity - unless you've 
specifically setup a different windows mangler (like Compiz or whatever); and 
in so saying - as I personally run Compiz, there IS no Metacity running 
whatsoever on my system.

> 2. What window manager runs the login menu?

GDM and Xorg - so there really is NO window mangler at that point in time; the 
GDM is merely a graphical means by which to choose user - as well as desktop 
of choice (you can have many different window manglers and desktop 
environments - it's all about choice).

You can check this by running "gconf-editor", and going to /apps/gdm/simple-
greeter => you may see "wm_use_compiz" - even though I use compiz, this is 

Also, under /desktop/gnome/session/required_components => my window mangler is 
set for "compiz" - you can check/change this here.

> Art Edwards

Under "Startup Applications", I have absolutely no reference to Metacity - 
can't even remember having one there in previous releases...

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