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NoOp glgxg at
Sun Jul 25 20:42:29 UTC 2010

On 07/25/2010 12:34 PM, nitin chandra wrote:
> My list of woes started few weeks back, when I had to recompile QGIS
> (v1.5) on my Ubuntu server (HOST MACHINE). This required that install
> a lot of other dependencies. most of them were Qt libs. But some were
> like resolvconf, ccache, cmake, bison, flex, make.
> After compiling 5-6 times QGIS and finally (almost got it working
> except when AddVector Layer > selecting a CSV file; it crashed)  got
> the desired result. During this time i noticed on Restart of Host
> machine, my net setting were getting disrupted and that I had to stop
> my Net connection through WICD ( now removed, as it was not giving any
> advantage in regard to my issue) and restart to get connected.

Sorry, can't help you with the rest. But regarding qgis 1.5, you might
find this of interest:
and the PPA is here:

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