When minimizing, screen gets lost.

Basil Chupin blchupin at iinet.net.au
Thu Jul 22 08:58:00 UTC 2010

On 22/07/10 18:31, Herman Aalderink wrote:
> When I open my browser (for example), and I maximize, it covers the
> whole screen. OK.
> When I click on 'partial screen' it fills part of the screen. OK.
> When I minimize, it (visibly) disappears to Trash. It is GONE.
> (I did not find it in TRASH ...)
> It behaves as if I clicked on file>  Close.
> (with a minor difference)
> After many MB's of updates I do not see any change/correction.
> (looks like a major thing to me ... not something to leave hanging ....
> hard to correct perhaps?)
> Am I going nuts? Is Canonical?
> Am I doing something wrong maybe ....?
> I did not see it mentioned here on the list.
> Just trying to find answers to my problems ......
> I am running 10.04 64-bit, updated.
> Herman in Philippines.

No, you are not going nuts.

This is a sudden manifestation after some very latest upgrades (in the 
past week).

Before the upgrade(s) you had (on the left of the bottom panel) a "box" 
which showed what was being run in a particular desktop. Some recent 
upgrade made all this go poof! - all gone. I even lost my 6 desktop 
"boxes" on the same panel but was able to get this feature back - but 
not the ability to see what else is running on a particular desktop. (I 
installed 10.04 on my wife's computer yesterday/today and the same thing 
is happening - so it is some app for Ubuntu which has been "progressed" 
into being a "regression".)

If you close the main app running in a desktop you will see a small box 
inside the desktop box; if you click on that you will get the app 
running in the background in that desktop - if you see what I mean.... 
Then you can close that app etc.


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