ubuntu 10.4 x86_64 IBM x3400 M3

Richard Gliebe richard.gliebe at fhv.at
Thu Jul 22 06:00:01 UTC 2010

On 7/22/10 7:19 AM M Thomason wrote:


> Its been a few years since I had to install Linux on a box with hardware
> raid, but did you check that it had picked up the RAID as an array
> rather than as individual drives?

the partitioning part shows me two RAIDs (1) as two logical disks.
Partioning works fine, also the rest of the installation tasks.
So I think, thats ok.

> I may be completely out of the ballpark here, but its ringing alarm
> bells in the back of my head.

hmm, ubuntu 10.4 is certified for this Server.

> If it is this however, it would indicate that you'd need to find a
> third-party driver for the RAID to shove in and load during installation
> (or find an alternative distro that supports the hardware)

I've tried to install FreeBSD 8.0 x86_64.
no problem with installation and booting FreeBSD.

whats going on ... with ubuntu?

many thanks

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