Question 3: Ubuntu - Medibuntu and Alpha 'releases'

M Thomason matt at
Thu Jul 22 05:01:32 UTC 2010

On 22/07/2010 05:56, Basil Chupin wrote:
> Form past experience of long-time users of Ubuntu, how long does it take 
> for a repository/ies relating to Medibuntu become altered to be able to 
> use the Medibuntu apps in an Alpha release of Ubuntu? At the moment I 
> have Maverick Alpha 2 installed but I cannot install the Medibuntu apps.
> A bit hard to test something when the Alpha is short of the "full quid" 
> for testing.
> BC

Aaaaaand going for the trifecta here :)

I tried adding the Medibuntu/Lucid repository to my Maverick on the
off-chance gamble that it would work, and it pulled quite a few packages
from there all of which are working just fine so far.  I think the
Medibuntu packages are still ahead of the equivalent Ubuntu-official
ones in Maverick (where they exist) and so will upgrade them if you have
them installed.  Obviously something may possibly break further down the
line and need fixing by switching to the Medibuntu/Maverick repo when
they have that up, but all okay so far (touch wood).

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