ubuntu touchpad control

Ronald B Cadby RCadby at RonCadby.org
Wed Jul 21 23:07:56 UTC 2010

Solved (I hope)

I found and disabled the "pointing device" in the Asus PC BIOS.

So far, so good. ..................Ron

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> From: Ronald B Cadby<RCadby at RonCadby.org>
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> I have a dual boot Win-7, lucid 10.4 on a new Asus laptop.
> Almost all of my 'resource' caused problems I've had and mentioned here
> are pretty much gone.
> My biggest aggravation at the  moment is when I inadvertently touch or
> brush by the touchpad with the heel of my hand. All sorts of bad things
> happen like the cursor jumping away or (sometimes unknowingly) pasting
> clipboard content into whatever file I have open.
> I've made numerous attempts to turn off my touchpad including what I
> could find and install in the Ubuntu Software Center such as
> TouchFreeze, which is supposed to freeze the touchpad when you type and
> it doesn't, and other pointing device controls.
> This problem has messed up some of my program editing and is a real PITA.
> Anyone else have this problem and how did you fix it?
> TIA.......Ron

You can lead a horse to water.....(The Hoarse Whisperer)

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