Adding Audio Tracks to a DVD

Justin W. Hart justin.hart at
Tue Jul 20 20:35:54 UTC 2010

Hi all,

I'm a Rifftrax enthusiast.  I've been listening to rifftrax by starting VLC
and syncing it with Rhythmbox.  I'm also getting into which
offers other commentaries.  What I'd like to do is to add the commentaries
as audio tracks on AVIs or DVD isos.  I know that this is possible, because
pirates do it, but, what I'd really like is to rip a few of my favorite
movies, and stick all of the commentaries onto the movie file so I can just
casually watch it or flip between commentaries.

Anyway, does anybody know how to add audio tracks to an AVI or DVD iso?
 Also, is there good software for syncing up two audio streams?  Usually you
sync rifftrax up at the start of the movie, so there is some lag betwixt the
two tracks.

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