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Colin Law clanlaw at
Sat Jul 17 20:15:11 UTC 2010

On 17 July 2010 19:17, Larry <larryesu at> wrote:
> On 07/17/2010 12:49 PM, Pete Vander Giessen wrote:
>> On Sat, Jul 17, 2010 at 10:36 AM, Larry<larryesu at>  wrote:
>>> *First off, what I would like to do is to find out how can I stop my
>>> background screen from switching, rather than too keep what I want...
>> Hi Larry,
>> Are you using the collection of NASA space images as the background?
>> That's a set of wallpapers that is specifically meant to switch up
>> every few minutes.
>> If you want to use just one image, you probably need to track that
>> image down, and set is as your background manually.  I'm not on my
>> Ubuntu box at the moment -- does anybody know where on the disk those
>> images are stored, so that we can give Larry some pointers on finding
>> them, and using just the one he wants?
>> ~PeteVG
>> " ... the original aphorism being 'In comparison with the ancients, we
>> stand like dwarfs on the shoulders of giants.' The image was a
>> commonplace by the time Newton used it, his one contribution being to
>> erase any sense that he himself might be a dwarf."
>> ~ Lewis Hyde
> *Hello Lewis,
> Nope I am not using the collection of NASA space images, but I do not
> know actually where I got them from, or where
> they are, for I looked in my home directory, in the wallpaper images
> that I have and none show what is being showed
> on the main screen...
> So I am at a lost to figure out where they are coming from, also when I
> go to system>preference> Appearance, they are not
> even in that group either...
> So how will I or how can I find out where they are located, and how to
> turn off that feature...???

Go to System, Preferences, Appearance and select the Background tab.
One of the images should be highlighted.  Hover over it and it will
show you the name and where it is.

As an alternative thought you are not talking about a screensaver are you?


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