potential newbie with questions (please be gentle)

Amedee Van Gasse (ub) amedee-ubuntu at amedee.be
Wed Jul 14 11:55:01 UTC 2010

On Wed, July 14, 2010 02:55, NoOp wrote:
> On 07/13/2010 04:45 PM, Jordon Bedwell wrote:
>> On 7/13/2010 6:40 PM, Jerry Bolt wrote:
>>> Thanks for the quick response, your answers were very helpful.
>>> Another question...  With having Linux and Windows side by side can/do
>>> they
>>> share and/or access the same files such as pictures, music, video?
> ...
>> Yes, this is another common misconception, while NTFS used to be scary
>> to access and still can be under certain circumstances, it's not like
>> itw as a few years ago, as a matter of fact, Ubuntu will try and
>> automatically mount the Windows partition by default so you can access
>> the files.  You would just need to know the path to your username or
>> create a quick Symlink to the folder from root.  Usually if I want to
>> move files back and forth I just create a small FAT container while
>> partitioning the Linux install and then Windows will auto-mount it and
>> Linux will auto-mount it too.
> Please keep in mind that you can't go the other way from Windows at this
> time if the linux system is using ext4. With ext3 you can use something
> like http://www.fs-driver.org/ _If_ you create a common NTFS partition
> to move shared files back and forth you'd be OK.

If you are going to mount ext2 or ext3 in Windows, please don't use
fs-driver. Use http://www.ext2fsd.com/
Both are freeware, but ext2fsd is Free Software and fs-driver isn't.
Ext2fsd is also more recent and better maintained than fs-driver.
Ext2fsd has a support forum on Sourceforge where the author actually
answers your questions. No such thing for fs-driver. You can mail him, but
you can't read about similar problems that others may have had.


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