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Tue Jul 13 13:42:24 UTC 2010

On 13 July 2010 04:43, Christopher Chan
<christopher.chan at> wrote:
> On Tuesday, July 13, 2010 09:50 AM, Liam Proven wrote:
>> On 13 July 2010 02:06, Douglas Pollard<dougpol1 at>  wrote:
>>>      What's a lugable.  I don't remember ever hearing that
>>> term.                    Doug
>> "Luggable" (two Gs) was an informal term in the 1980s for
>> lunchbox-sized portable mains-powered computers.
> No wonder you guys are so big. I'm considered a big eater over here but
> my lunchbox pales in comparison.

"You guys"? These are American devices (a Brit writes). I guess their
lunchboxes are "Texan small". (An idiomatic phrase which used to mean
"extra-extra-large" but of which Google seems ignorant. Perhaps I
remember it wrong.)

> Of course, you guys have in your favour
> the fact that no matter how much I eat, I still do not put on any weight.

I for one am very jealous. I'm big for a Brit, but a skinny little
thing in America, only  6'2" and a smidge over 200lb soaking wet.
(1.88m and 100kg in sensible units.) I've lost 5kg in the last month
and it's hard work.

> What graphics card does that 3 screen luggable sport? Does it come with
> joystick, rudders and throttle too? Oh, a 6-dimension motorized frame
> and seat would be great too.

Well, AIUI, it's just a case, so almost anything you want and can fit.

>> One of the last companies making machines of that formfactor was Dolch:
> I had to ask...this looks rather, it solves the question of
> where to locate the screens and the case on the frame. All up front! Now
> for a frame...

It strikes me as a great machine for LAN parties and the like. But
then, I don't do LAN parties or indeed gaming much any more.

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