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On 13/07/10 09:04, Nathan Bahn wrote:
> On Mon, Jul 12, 2010 at 4:10 PM, Angus MacGyver 
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>     [...]
>     I've probably heard them all - and more, my mother is by far the best
>     example (in the technology arena) of the developer's mantra of
>     "....the
>     universe will make better idiots"
>     It might help if she actually read her notes she makes on "Post-It"'s
>     mind, but that is just one frustrating, but nonetheless, endearing
>     part
>     of what make my mother who she is.
>     [...]
> A.MG.--
> I'm curious as to exactly HOW you persuaded your mother to upgrade to 
> Linux.  The reason I ask is that I have a */whole /SLEW* of people 
> using my router to browse (from Windows OSs, naturally) the web and 
> I'm finding it quite difficult to get them to do their browsing from a 
> non-administrative account.  Any suggestions on how to sell Linux 
> would be greatly appreciated.
Nathan my father has been on Linux for nearly 7yrs now. I got him off 
windows once he started using the net and picking up viruses. It was 
simple. You want my support - run an OS I'm happy to support. Since he 
wanted my support it was easy to convince him to change. Also in the 
7yrs since he's been on Ubuntu and now Arch - he's not had once piece of 
malware or virus in that 7 yrs. Mind you we've had a lot of problems 
with CUPS (I'm no expert and CUPs can be a pain).


Kind Regards Russell
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