no AppleTalk?

NoOp glgxg at
Mon Jul 12 19:39:32 UTC 2010

On 07/12/2010 12:21 PM, Pete Gontier wrote:
> Yep; I too googled around and experimented with editing the configuration
> files and restarting and that sort of thing.
> I completely understand about AppleTalk being so old that hardly anybody
> tests with it. Heck; even Mac OS has abandoned support for AppleTalk at this
> point. Most people would have worn out one of these printers and replaced it
> by now, but I use it only once every few months, so its page count is very
> low for its age.
> The fact that I can mount my Ubuntu home on Mac OS proves only that AFP over
> IP works; it doesn't prove that DDP works. I haven't yet tried to configure
> printing. I'm trying to get any evidence that DDP works at all before trying
> to make any higher-level protocol work. So far, every indication I get is
> that DDP doesn't work, so if I were to try to make printing work I'd just be
> driving myself crazy with another layer of error abstraction. :-)

Jordan already pointed to:
to the right is bug reports:
Check there and ask in 'Answers':

I reckon those are your best bets as the questions and/or bug reports
typically will get the attention of the maintainer.

Also, please bottom post on this list - thanks :-)

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