CUPS doesnt print anymore

Christian Wolter su98oc5 at
Sun Jul 11 16:27:33 UTC 2010

Am 06.07.2010 21:02, schrieb Fred A. Miller:
> On 07/06/2010 02:32 PM, Christian Wolter wrote:
>> The HP-Device Manager says: Device is busy.
>> Unable to open device hp:/usb/hp_LaserJet_1320_series?serial=00CNHW5DFGD3.
>> Reinstalling results in a "device communication error"
>> lpinfo -v says
>> direct usb://HP/LaserJet%201320%20series
>> direct hp:/usb/hp_LaserJet_1320_series?serial=00CNHW5DFGD3
> Have you gone into CUPS and put your user in as an approved user? 
root isn't able to print either
> Made the printer the default? 
Its the standard printer
> Can you print a test page through the hplip Gui? I know...coming in late to this thread, but I've had the same 
> errors and managed a fix with all of these settings done. 
No, I can't
> You might also 
> want to move the usb cable to another plug
Doesn't change anything.

But I found a workaround: The printer is connected via USB and via
network. Using is as an network printer works. Trying usb it only gives
back an communication Error 5012 .
Weird behavior.
Any further ideas?


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