Windows Rant

A. Jorge Garcia calcpage at
Sun Jul 11 15:03:02 UTC 2010

> Windows is *very* technician unfriendly OS.  Ubuntu and Linux and
> general would be years ahead in user *and* technician friendliness if 
> wasn't for the lack of hardware support from proprietary devices that
> need closed source 'drivers' that don't exist for Linux.

Don't feel bad, I stopped supporting Windows in the filed in 1999.  I 
still have to help the family members, however....

BTW, I used to do a lot of field work in the 80s and 90s way before 
Windows.  I recall setting up classrooms all across New York State with 
PCs, PCXTs, PCATs, PS/2s, etc using DOS of all things.  Then came 
Windows and Novel, etc.  I even had an IBM CSE and Novel CNE for a 

A. Jorge Garcia

Teacher & Professor
Applied Mathematics, Physics & Computer Science
Baldwin Senior High School & Nassau Community College

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