Custom Live CD

NoOp glgxg at
Fri Jul 9 19:42:50 UTC 2010

On 07/09/2010 08:53 AM, Colin Law wrote:
> On 9 July 2010 14:59, Mark Widdicombe <mwiddicombe at> wrote:
>>> You could try Linux Mint, which comes with the codecs pre-installed.
>>> This won't help if you need to install graphics drivers and so on,
>>> though. I think the bootable-USB-key route would be much more pleasant
>>> for that.
>> Thanks, I thought of that, but it doesn't solve the problem of the
>> other software I need.
> Yes it does (using a bootable USB key that is).  The trick is not to
> load the installer onto the USB but to install Ubuntu itself onto it.
> Then you can boot off the key and install any extra stuff you want.
> This will go onto the key so when you plug it in and boot off it the
> next time the new stuff will still be there.  It is just like plugging
> in an alternative hard disk and booting off that.
> Colin

Anyone know of an updated set of instructions like:
That's pretty out of date.

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