Gnome Manager Window Problems (keyboard and mouse)

NoOp glgxg at
Fri Jul 9 17:51:54 UTC 2010

On 07/08/2010 10:56 PM, Tim H. wrote:
> It is a server which host's multiple VPS's (Ubuntu Server 10.04) with 
> ubuntu-desktop installed so wI can manage the VPS's in case the 
> individual VPS do not load I can visit the console.  The VPS's 
> themselves are not Ubuntu, nor Linux for that matter.
> I used the g-conf-tool or whatever to set the boolean value to true and 
> this prevented my from logging into the server via VNC.  Which led me to 
> believe the config file was not valid.  I remove the line from the 
> config and I was then able to log in.

Odd. Note that the 'Enable' box is just below the xnodamage box... sure
you didn't click that one :-)

> Compiz is never running.
> TSC?  Never tried it.  I was thinking of setting up a test server with 
> Ubuntu Server and xubuntu-desktop installed instead.  X11VNC has never 
> given me any problems in the past.  vino seems to always give me issues.

For TSC (tsclient) you also need to install a vnc viewer - I use

For your situation, you might want to consider installing nomachine's
You can log in as a user and get a full user desktop without affecting
the existing running desktop. Considerably faster, more secure (uses
ssh), and less overhead. Vino can be an absolute cpu resource hog.
You won't be able to 'share' a desktop with the remote unless you enable
VNC in NX, but then the connection slows to VNC.

Note that you can also use the Win client (no free Win server) to
connect to the Ubuntu machine.

You can also use the freenx version if you prefer:
But I've always used the nomachine version & am very happy with it.

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