Gnome Manager Window Problems (keyboard and mouse)

Tim H. bizdev at
Fri Jul 9 05:56:20 UTC 2010

> Wait, server or desktop? Obviously you wouldn't be using RDV for a
> server so I'll assume desktop. In any event, disabling xdamage
> shouldn't/wouldn't have "broken the vino-server" disallowing access; you
> can of course renable and logout/login to reset if needed. If disabling
> xdamage isn't working, try turning off compiz on both ends (see the bug
> report comments). Also, rather than using RDV, I'd recommend using the
> 'Terminal Server Client' instead. 'sudo apt-get install tsclient'.
> You'll then find it in the same location: Applications|Internet|Terminal
> Server Client.

It is a server which host's multiple VPS's (Ubuntu Server 10.04) with 
ubuntu-desktop installed so wI can manage the VPS's in case the 
individual VPS do not load I can visit the console.  The VPS's 
themselves are not Ubuntu, nor Linux for that matter.

I used the g-conf-tool or whatever to set the boolean value to true and 
this prevented my from logging into the server via VNC.  Which led me to 
believe the config file was not valid.  I remove the line from the 
config and I was then able to log in.

Compiz is never running.

TSC?  Never tried it.  I was thinking of setting up a test server with 
Ubuntu Server and xubuntu-desktop installed instead.  X11VNC has never 
given me any problems in the past.  vino seems to always give me issues.

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