Evolution mail unstable, please switch to Thunderbird for the next release...

Tero Pesonen ubuntu-users at tpesonen.net
Fri Jul 9 13:53:44 UTC 2010

On Fri, 2010-07-09 at 07:52 -0400, Jesse Palser wrote:
> Hi,
> Thunderbird 3 is not perfect, but I strongly believe it is a better 
> client than Evolution.
> Some of the problems with Evolution that I had were:
> - Random multiple crashes every day.
> - Very slow updating of IMAP mailboxes.
> - Filters did not work most of the time (had to manually sort mail).
> Again, Thunderbird is not perfect, but I think its much better than 
> Evolution

My current Evolution session has been running for a month or so, though
I've had it run for longer periods of time, too. I only close it when
Gnome needs restarting. I manage three IMAP accounts on Evolution -- one
GMail IMAP, one Exchange IMAP, and one Cyrus IMAP -- and have never seen
Evolution crash. I've been using Evolution Mail daily at work since 9.04
came out. I will be upgrading to 10.x in the fall.

Tero Pesonen

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