Gnome Manager Window Problems (keyboard and mouse)

Tim Henderson bizdev at
Thu Jul 8 02:27:49 UTC 2010

I have setup numerous gnome desktops however one of my latest is having 
serious mouse and keyboard problems.

Upon opening any window, namely Preferences and Properties Windows 
(because that's all that is installed atm) I have one click.  After the 
one click, I am unable to click anything else.  I have to ssh into the 
machine and kill of the process then my clicking ability comes back.

During the time when I can not click, the mouse moves around just fine. 
  However, I have noticed the buttons and checkboxes that normally 
highlight on a hover do not highlight.

In an attempt to log the problems I opened a few of the gnome properties 
type windows from the command line.  Doing so would not let me click the 
window.  For some reason any mouse clicks seem to go right through the 
window to the terminal behind it, even though the window was on top.

Furthermore, I have had random keyboard loss as well when windows are 
open.  Sometimes I can tab between fields, other times I can not.  I 
have even noticed I could type any character except for an 's'.  After 
killing the open window remotely, my keyboard and mouse functionality 
comes back.

I have checked time stamps on all the logs within /var/log and nothing 
seems to update during my problems.  Is there another place I can check?

Has anyone else experienced these problems, or noticed a forum post with 
a potential fix of a similar problem?

Please note I have 2 of these 10.04 desktops setup with identical 
hardware, identical installations, and the one is functioning without a 

Tim H.

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