Jesus, am I using windows here or what????

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Tue Jul 6 19:23:43 UTC 2010

Can the mailing list block this obvious troll?


On 06/07/10 17:37, Ray Parrish wrote:
> Pete Vander Giessen wrote:
>> On Mon, Jul 5, 2010 at 6:36 PM, Ray Parrish<crp at>  wrote:
>>> Now you tube videos play, but without sound... Any Ideas???
>> Hi Ray,
>> You never mentioned which version of Ubuntu you were running.  I'm
>> guessing that you're running something between 8.04 (Hardy Heron) and
>> 9.04 (Jaunty Jackalope).  I remember having occasional issues with
>> flash grabbing the sound card and not letting go in those versions.
>> Closing out of Firefox and re-opening it usually fixes the sound
>> issue.  (That particular problem has been completely resolved as of
>> Lucid Lynx).
>> If you continue to have other issues with Firefox, your profile may
>> have become corrupted.  This is a problem that can happen in Windows,
>> Linux, or on Macs, when you upgrade Firefox.  It's usually a good idea
>> to backup your profile before upgrading -- I'm usually too lazy to do
>> a full profile backup, but I do keep regular snapshots of my
>> bookmarks, which has saved my bacon a couple of times.
>> You can backup/export your bookmarks from the Bookmarks ->  Organize
>> Bookmarks menu.
>> It might be worthwhile to try creating a new profile, to see if that
>> fixes your problem.  To do so, close out of Firefox, then run it from
>> a terminal with the following command:
>>    firefox --profilemanager
>> If you backed up your bookmarks, you can import them into your new
>> profile using the Bookmarks ->  Organize Bookmarks menu.
>> ~PeteVG
>> " ... the original aphorism being 'In comparison with the ancients, we
>> stand like dwarfs on the shoulders of giants.' The image was a
>> commonplace by the time Newton used it, his one contribution being to
>> erase any sense that he himself might be a dwarf."
>> ~ Lewis Hyde
> My sound works perfectly every where else on my machine, just you tube
> videos play without audio, attempting to play an mp3 in a player on
> facebook freezes my browser, and attempting to play an mp3 with the ayos
> player on my space causes it to just sit there and say 'connecting" forever.
> This is a pretty specific attack against my ability to record mp3s while
> playing with the stars, and I need help finding out what exactly has
> been done. Please help me, this is essential to my getting off of
> disability.
> Ray Parrish

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