Jesus, am I using windows here or what????

Pete Vander Giessen petevg at
Tue Jul 6 18:00:29 UTC 2010

On Tue, Jul 6, 2010 at 10:07 AM, Ray Parrish <crp at> wrote:
> i am quite frankly on the brink of committing suicide due to this
> unwarranted attack against me, and I seriously need some very quick help
> to recover my machine's previous abilities to the state they were in
> before this heinous attack to keep me from actually killing myself!!!!!

Hi Ray,

A technical mailing list is probably not the best place to look for
psychiatric help; we cannot assist you in a meaningful way with the
software between your ears.

We _can_ give you advice on troubleshooting and fixing your technical
problem with Firefox/Ubuntu, but you need to understand that

a) this is not an attack against you, it is merely an annoying
technical problem; we all run into them sometimes
b) technical problems are best solved when you are in a calm, rational
state of mind.

I have attempted to fix computers whilst angry, sleep deprived, or
depressed, and that has never turned out well (oh, the servers I've
crashed in my past ...).  You need to step away from the computer,
take a walk, get some fresh air, look at things from the big
perspective, and then come back to this issue when you can approach it
methodically and rationally.

When you can do that, I advise starting from scratch.  Try
uninstalling Flash and Firefox, and then re-installing them, with a
new profile, from the Ubuntu repositories.  Avoid installing you
Firefox add-ons until you've tested the sound issue, then re-install
them, one by one, testing for sound issues each time.

If the problem is rooted in a corrupted profile or installation, this
procedure should fix it.  If the problem is rooted in a faulty Firefox
add-on, this should tell you which add-on is making trouble.

If that doesn't work, try installing Chrome or Opera, and see if you
have sound in those browsers.  That will tell you whether the problem
is related to Firefox, or to Flash (Opera and Chrome use the same
flash plugin as Firefox).

That's not guaranteed to fix the problem, but it's the best place to
(calmly, clear-headedly) start.


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