what package contains the raw vmlinux image?

Markus Schönhaber ubuntu-users at list-post.mks-mail.de
Thu Jul 1 11:20:58 UTC 2010

01.07.2010 12:45, Robert P. J. Day:

>   on the other hand, he suggests that there is a way to build one, and
> i have to imagine that involves downloading the source corresponding
> to the current kernel, doing a configuration with the corresponding
> config file, and simply doing a regular build, which should
> theoretically produce a vmlinux file that *exactly* matches the
> running kernel (and it's important that it match *exactly*, otherwise,
> it has no value for debugging).

Well, if you're going to build the kernel yourself anyway, you could use
both, vmlinuz and vmlinux, from that build. That should make pretty sure
that they match.


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