[Solved] [Seahorse] Where can I obtain the proper definition text of the button 'Casually'?

Detlef Lechner Detlef.Lechner at gmx.net
Sun Jan 31 23:18:34 UTC 2010

On Sun, 2010-01-31 at 11:38 -0700, scar wrote:

> FYI, here is each explanation:
> Not at all: means you believe the key is owned by the person who claims
> to own it, but you could not or did not verify this to be a fact.
> Casually: means you have done a casual verification that the key is
> owned by the person who claims to own it. For example, you could read
> the key fingerprint to the owner over the phone.
> Very Carefully: Select this only if you are absolutely sure that this
> key is genuine.
> You could use a hard to forge photo identification (such as a passport)
> to personally check that the name on the key is correct. You should have
> also used email to check that the email address belongs to the owner.

I have found out that one person reported the same bug before me:
Bug #497936 on Launchpad
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