32 or 64??

Dotan Cohen dotancohen at gmail.com
Sun Jan 31 17:42:53 UTC 2010

>> That's what users want: a simple way of doing things. This is not Gentoo.
> I'm sorry, explain to me how simple do you need? brain dead?

Yes, just about.

>> I've got at least two!
> Name them, I'll try to get them running in wine on a 32-bit system and
> a 64-bit one.
> I've got 20 servers, one is 32-bit just for testing and playing around.

This was once rather important to me, but I've since replaced it with
Linux-native Zim:

The other app is a custom VB app that I don't even have an .exe for
(it's for a user). That one is still relevant, but feel free to have a
blast with Listpro if you want.

>> If you're already doing that then why 64-bit to begin with?
> In case some silly dev didn't make it work or is currently bugged for 64-bit.
> You're stuck in an opinion that limits you. I offer one that allows
> you to have 32-bit applications if you should need them.

That point is like telling someone who needs Windows-only software
that he can use Ubuntu, he just needs VirtualBox for that one last
thing. The truth is, so long as that one last thing exists, why

>> For certain wide definitions of "fear". 32-bit has a higher chance of
>> getting one's applications installed with no hassle. That is a
>> definite advantage, especially on a distro like Ubuntu.
> I'm quite certain that you aren't a 64-bit user, at least not in the last year.
> If one can't manage installing software, that's not a 64-bit problem.
> If it's the 64-bit version, it's simple to get the 32-bit version.

You are right, I am not a 64 bit user. I will get it a try once again
when the 10.04 betas come out.

>> Final straw in the sense that users expect at least the tutorials to work.
> Still, you're confusing 64-bit linux with wow64.

I am unfamiliar with wow64.

Dotan Cohen


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