32 or 64??

Johnneylee Rollins johnneylee.rollins at gmail.com
Sun Jan 31 17:12:14 UTC 2010

On Sun, Jan 31, 2010 at 9:00 AM, Dotan Cohen <dotancohen at gmail.com> wrote:
>>> Especially since Karl is right here.
>>He might be right in the sense that he knows a simple way to do things.
> That's what users want: a simple way of doing things. This is not Gentoo.
I'm sorry, explain to me how simple do you need? brain dead?
>> My virtualbox install works perfectly in 64-bit. I've used it
>> extensively, maybe not every single feature
> That is good to know. When incidents like yours become the norm
> instead of the exception, I'll switch my users.
>> I've not been able to come across any applications that work in 32-bit
>> wine (which you can install instead of 64-bit) that don't work on
>> 64-bit. I also have made progress in terms of configuring applications
>> that the winedb said are not able to run. That's me though, not any
>> new user.
> I've got at least two!
Name them, I'll try to get them running in wine on a 32-bit system and
a 64-bit one.
I've got 20 servers, one is 32-bit just for testing and playing around.
>> We've covered that you can install and use 32-bit flash and 32-bit
>> applications in 64-bit linux.
> If you're already doing that then why 64-bit to begin with?
In case some silly dev didn't make it work or is currently bugged for 64-bit.
You're stuck in an opinion that limits you. I offer one that allows
you to have 32-bit applications if you should need them.

> For certain wide definitions of "fear". 32-bit has a higher chance of
> getting one's applications installed with no hassle. That is a
> definite advantage, especially on a distro like Ubuntu.
I'm quite certain that you aren't a 64-bit user, at least not in the last year.
If one can't manage installing software, that's not a 64-bit problem.
If it's the 64-bit version, it's simple to get the 32-bit version.

>>> The final straw for me is that many tutorials and guides directed at
>>> *buntu users assume 32 bit. The user saves himself quite a headache by
>>> stickin with 32 bit, even with 4 GB RAM.
>> Final straw? Really now. If you want to use the 32-bit version, you
>> can completely use it inside 64-bit. There is no extra configuration.
>> Maybe try 64-bit. If a application doesn't work in 64-bit, just
>> install the safe 32-bit in the 640bit operating system.
> Final straw in the sense that users expect at least the tutorials to work.
Still, you're confusing 64-bit linux with wow64.
>> It has become that, because he's being very inflammatory and rude. He
>> is not putting down facts or anything but opinions.
>> His opinion is welcome, but his denying the possibility that his
>> opinion isn't fact is really not.
> I see "I'm right your wrong" on both sides of the fence here.
Me too.


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