Is it impossible to have linux on satellite u500 17x??!!

Mário Rodrigues mario.s.rodrigues at
Sun Jan 31 11:18:36 UTC 2010

I have been using kubuntu for more than a year now. It ran perfectly on my
old computer (except for multimedia keys). I got used to it, I simply
completely removed windows...
Every problem I had before I could always find the solutions dinging the
posts, for that I want to thank all the people from whom I received help and
also those who made the questions in the first place.

Now, for the first time I can't find the answers, even though  I some times
find the questions! So I finally have to make a question but I feel like its
going to be first and last time. I hope I am wrong…

I have a toshiba satellite u500 17x,  on which I still keep windows :( .
I have kubuntu 9.10 - 64 bit (concerning the points below it is the same
with the 32bit version).

1- fan not working! problem solved!

2- wireless not working! Problem apparently solved by installing the realtek
driver. However, it simply doesn't work as good as in windows, where I am
force to work now, otherwise I couldn't send this email, i.e.  I can connect
with weaker signal when I am using windows.

3- can't suspend, hibernate, dec/inc screen brightness, use fn keys... etc

4- can't correctly install nvidia ge force 210m

note: I have an AMI bios.

Any help would be enormously appreciated, even though I am already starting
to accept the idea of coming back to windows, which at the moment I simply
Thank you the same with or without feedback.
If by chance I get things working I will make file with the list of
solutions for the others.

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