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On Sat, Jan 30, 2010 at 4:44 PM, Amedee Van Gasse
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> On 29-01-10 20:49, Johnneylee Rollins wrote:
>>>> you're an asshat for life.
>>>         You have more messages to this list, that contain zero or
>>>         less information than anyone on this list! You simply MUST
>>>         comment. And please explain what an asshat is. It's not in the
>>>         Webster's dictionary.
>> My friend Brian already explained this. but it also means you don't
>> know what is going on, because you have your head shoved up your ass.
>> Much like an ostrich would have it's head in the ground.
> I'm sorry but I have to correct you. An asshat is also called a Midas
> hat. It is named after Midas, a mythical king of Phrygia. He was given
> donkey ears by Apollo as a punishment because Midas preferred the music
> of Pan over that of Apollo. So a Midas is an incompetent art judge and a
> Midas hat or asshat is a punishment for someone who says something foolish.
> In my country (Belgium) the asshat was still used in primary schools
> when my parents went to school (50's & 60's). Naughty or stupid children
> had to stand in a corner, wearing an asshat.
> This is a drawing of an asshat made in 1515 by Hans Holbein The Younger,
> from Erasmus' Praise Of Folley:
> An example of naughty kids with an asshat:
> Also popular is the asshat-sign behind someone's head, to make a fool of
> them:
> Unfortunately the word "ass" not only means "donkey" in English, but
> also the lower part of the back. Yet another example why I as a
> non-native speaker understand some English expressions better than
> native speakers. ;-)

Amedee, I'm glad you speak good English, but your logic is flawed. You
know the origin, and the past meanings, but not the etymology of the
phrase. Things, especially in language, change over time. The word
molest wasn't strictly sexual, but now it's how we use the word.

I commend you on your English, but you don't need to write a thesis to
prove it. I think you are rather cool and smart without it :)

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