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Sun Jan 31 00:44:53 UTC 2010

On 29-01-10 20:49, Johnneylee Rollins wrote:

>>> you're an asshat for life.
>>         You have more messages to this list, that contain zero or
>>         less information than anyone on this list! You simply MUST
>>         comment. And please explain what an asshat is. It's not in the
>>         Webster's dictionary.
> My friend Brian already explained this. but it also means you don't
> know what is going on, because you have your head shoved up your ass.
> Much like an ostrich would have it's head in the ground.

I'm sorry but I have to correct you. An asshat is also called a Midas 
hat. It is named after Midas, a mythical king of Phrygia. He was given 
donkey ears by Apollo as a punishment because Midas preferred the music 
of Pan over that of Apollo. So a Midas is an incompetent art judge and a 
Midas hat or asshat is a punishment for someone who says something foolish.

In my country (Belgium) the asshat was still used in primary schools 
when my parents went to school (50's & 60's). Naughty or stupid children 
had to stand in a corner, wearing an asshat.

This is a drawing of an asshat made in 1515 by Hans Holbein The Younger, 
from Erasmus' Praise Of Folley:

An example of naughty kids with an asshat:

Also popular is the asshat-sign behind someone's head, to make a fool of 

Unfortunately the word "ass" not only means "donkey" in English, but 
also the lower part of the back. Yet another example why I as a 
non-native speaker understand some English expressions better than 
native speakers. ;-)


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