How to login in Ubuntu 9.10 Live CD ?

Karl F. Larsen klarsen1 at
Sat Jan 30 12:38:34 UTC 2010

Lawrence Tsang wrote:
> Hi Colin Law and All,
>      After 2 new independent downloads of the "ubuntu-9.10-desktop-i386.iso"
> file, I could now boot Ubuntu 9.10 correctly ! So my previous downloaded
> Ubuntu 9.10 must have some transmission errors.
>      However, for my 2 new downloads of the "ubuntu-9.10-desktop-i386.iso"
> file, when I run the "check disk for defects" option in the bootup menu,
> both the new downloaded Ubuntu 9.10 shows the message : "check funished :
> errors found in 1 files !" while they both could still boot correctly into
> Ubuntu 9.10 !
>      Does anyone get a Ubuntu 9.10 CD which has NO error with "check disk
> for defects" so that I could sure there exists such a clean Ubuntu 9.10 disk
> ?

	Please do not top comment!

	I just checked my only cd-rom with 9.10 which is a Beta 
version of 9.10. I ran the disc test and it takes a lot of 
time but it said again no errors.

	Some thing is still wrong with your method to load the .iso 
file on your new cd-rom. Or, you have bad new cd-rom blanks.

73 Karl


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