steve reilly sfreilly at
Fri Jan 29 18:57:55 UTC 2010

Johnneylee Rollins wrote:
> <snip>
>> long as by signatures you don't mean inline GPG signatures.
>> - --
>> Graham Todd
> What frusterated me was the 2 line response followed by 30 lines of
> useless junk. I agree to use a personal email account.

exactly.  signatures other than your name, and maybe a one line blurb 
below it on a technical help mailing list is overkill.  we're not here 
to pound our chests and show who has what certifications, who has what 
degrees, or who holds what day job.  its irrelevant.  all that matters 
is what you provide to the list. "K.I.S.S."!  remember it, live it.


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