1080p Playback

Rashkae ubuntu at tigershaunt.com
Fri Jan 29 04:37:32 UTC 2010

Rashkae wrote:

> Getting hardware decoding on Graphics card is.... a fool's erand, I 
> think... not even always reliable in Windows.
> Assuming you have a multi-core cpu with that fancy graphics card, get ye 
> to mplayer home page, and download the multi-threaded mplayer source 
> they offer there.
> First, sudo apt-get build dep mplayer mencoder
> Then untar the source and ./configure and make
> If you want to do things the right way, here you would build a debian 
> package.  I, however, and lazy and simply copied the mplayer binary just 
> compiled into /usr/bin  (replacing ubuntu's mplayer.)
> then add the following to your /etc/mplayer/mplayer.conf file
> vo=xv  (or vo=gl if you prefer on your system)
> lavdopts = threads=2  (or 4 of you have a quad core)
> use with smplayer or gnome-mplayer front ends.. enjoy your High def 
> video on just near any video card.

A few further notes with Karmic,, you'll have to configure the number of
threads in the GUI preferences of smplayer.  both smplayer and
gnome-mplayer seem to ignore the lavdopts from mplayer.conf

If you have trouble with video stopping or freezing, try locking your
cpu to one speed.  Seems to be on ongoing issue with Mplayer and pulse
audio not playing nice when cpu changes speeds while it's trying to

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