1080p Playback

James Bensley jwbensley at gmail.com
Fri Jan 29 11:43:15 UTC 2010

Thanks all for your replies. I have my Ubuntu machine dual booted with
Windows and I have managed to get things working in windows absolutely
perfectly using DXVA by setting it up in Media Player Classic Home
Cinema edition last night.

The spec of the machine and in particular the graphics card is plenty
for 1080p playback but I haven't been able to get GPU acceleration to
work for my video decodes which meant I had high CPU usage and poor
playback. Now with DXVA everything is working great so "all" I need
now is to replicate the results within Ubuntu. As I understand VDPAU
should be able to do what DXVA does and offload the CPU work onto the
GPU but when playing back via mPlayer its still not working properly.
Its not far off, but its not there yet.

I am at work now but I will try your suggestion Rashkae in regards to
the mPlayer multi-threaded version when I get home but presumably this
will still be CPU rendering/decoding and the HTPC has a Dual Core
2.0Ghz which isn't good enough (I don't believe) to do the job but I'm
open to try.

Ultimately knowing my graphics card can do the job. Does anyone know
of a video player like MPC for Windows that allows me to set more
defined rendering options as opposed to just "display via X11, or
display via VDPAU, or display via OpenGL" which seems to be all
VLC/mPlayer have to offer?

Thanks for the info so far list its greatly appreciated.

James ;)

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