Tom H tomh0665 at
Thu Jan 28 03:19:01 UTC 2010

>>> Man...why does not anyone suggest NFS???

>> Because Ubuntu defaults to samba, most probably to be easily
>> compatible with Win and Mac.

> Cool. Mac OS X is UNIX certified. Somehow, I doubt that it cannot handle
> NFS...

OS X can handle NFS but far less easily than Samba. The file sharing
GUI defaults to AFP and you can choose SMB in the options - but not

I suspect that Ubuntu is mimicking OS X in its choice of Samba.

> Windows does not have builtin NFS support, I will give you that.

> So I fail to see why we cannot use a 'native' solution like NFS.

Windows 7 is said to support NFS but, yes, previous versions need
extra software for NFS.

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