Thunderbird 3

Jay Daniels dasautotec at
Wed Jan 27 12:27:00 UTC 2010

On Tue, 2010-01-26 at 07:37 -0600, Wade Smart wrote:
> I was thinking about TB3, and I know several here have moved to it to 
> try out, but its still not a release version. Any troubles with it yet?
> Im on 9.04.
> Wade

I tried it on windows and could not get use to the keyboard shortcuts
and found no easy way to change them.  ie. del or shift+ctrl+d = del.  I
much prefer the ctrl+d to delete like Evolution since I map my capslock
as an extra control key.  There are other keyboard inconsistencies in
Tbird.  Overall, a major improvement and very easy to setup accounts
automatically just by entering email address and password and it will
figure out the rest.


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