questions on dedicated VPN link

Werner Schram wrschram at
Tue Jan 26 22:58:05 UTC 2010

Nay Myo Win wrote:
> Dear brothers.
> I have two offices and both have their own internet access.
> One has ADSL and the other has broadband. Internet Service Provider is 
> the same for both and they allow only HTTP and HTTPS ports. other 
> ports are banned.
> I now would like to create VPN links between two offices placing each 
> UBuntu VPN server with OpenVPN on each office. Is that possible? 
> Please suggest me how to? I am very new to linux and VPN.
> I do not want demand dial connection. I just need always connected 
> link as long as Internet and electricity is up in both offices.
Is the HTTP/HTTPS policy defined by your ISP on your connection to the 
internet? Or is it not a company policy on your internal network? If it 
is an ISP policy, you might want to check if they allow you to accept 
incomming connections, because you are going to need those.

Could you give some more details about the intended network setup?
- Did you assign a different subnet to both networks? (for example 
192.168.1.x to office 1 and 192.168.2.x to office 2).
- what kind of router are you using (is it provided by your ISP or did 
you buy it yourself)?
- Can it do port forwarding?
- Can you add/remove routes from the routing table on the router?
- Are you using the DHCP server on the router or a seperate one?


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