sun-java versions

Markus Schönhaber ubuntu-users at
Sun Jan 24 17:47:22 UTC 2010

24.01.2010 15:55, sktsee:

> The following bug reports give some clues as to how different Ubuntu 
> versions have different sun-java updates. It's a bit of an inconsistent 
> mess with one version (Hardy) scheduled to get updates, and other 
> versions get updated if the packager feels like it, I guess. 
> Basically, as one Ubuntu developer stated in the comment section of 
> #420426, users are on their own with regard to sun-java.

I was thinking the same as someone says in one of the latter bug
report's comments: why is a Sun Java package provided in the first
place? Not providing one at all at least would make it explicitly clear
that you're on your own wrt this particular software.
If you provide a package through the repositories and then can't be
bothered to update it even if a newer upstream version has security
fixes, then this is utter BS.


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